Aquarine Introduction

Aquarine Launch: Valentine’s Day Feb 14th 2012

Hello I’m Aquarineditor/@Literarymike...wishing you the

warmest welcome to Aquarine – an invented word

and world, paying tribute to the most adventurous

and important element in the whole universe – W A T E R !


Have you ever really noticed how WATER gets everywhere?


Aquarine will be concise rapid-fire + random for easy use in modern life.


It has one simple aim – to provide positive, enjoyable info and fun for all.


Aquarine - a fresh, instant, world offering a variety of fun, entertainment, enlightenment + leisure... It’s not a tooth-paste!


Aquarine rotation;

 Music, Art, Film, Drama

 Photography

 Martial Arts, American Wrestling, Sport

 Fine food, Finely Crafted Beer + Wine

 Humour, Enlightenment, Philosophy

 IT, Outdoors, Meteors, Weather

 Consumer Tips

When the site reaches 100,000 hits guru Minkhab with reveal his golden key of life...

Minkhab’s key consists of the most FOUR important words in the English language for a positive, happy life if understood correctly to provide the most beneficial platform, free for all to practice.


...September 2012 already...SIX months into Aquarine I thank folk from EVERY place on the planet for your astonishing, sensational support on Aquarine + Twitter @Literarymike !


Literarymike  2012


Literarymike’s personal voyage in EVERY direction diary/gallery

launched May 2012;


Whatever the weather, let’s have a laugh...




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